Pattonville Computer Science Department

This website was commissioned by the Pattonville High School Computer Science Department in 2015. As a newly forming department, the single computer science teacher asked me, one of his current students, to create for him a Computer Science website to advertise the different class offerings in Computer Science at the school, in hopes of drawing more students into taking a computer science class.

At this time, the Pattonville School District was in the process of remodeling all of their websites to emulate the html5up template, Arcana. Keeping with the theme, I made produced the Pattonville Computer Science Department website on the 'Arcana' template, with minor modifications.

The Pattonville Computer Science Department website remains an integral part of computer science at Pattonville High School. It features information about all of the computer science classes offered at the school, a page of links to help beginning computer scientists, and a link to the High School's Technology Student Association. The homepage slider is built off of a system I located on ''.

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