Kingdom Reviews

Kingdom Reviews was my first ever website. I produced it completely by hand during my freshman and sophomore years of high school. The site is a general purpose book reviews website where I post reviews of books I have read.

The site, in its first edition, was written in HTML4 and CSS3. As my first website, I believed it turned out fine, but quickly found that it was non-compliant with traditional web standards, and so I began a second edition. The second edition was much cleaner looking and was written in HTML5 and CSS3. This design persisted for almost a year, before I converted the website over wordpress. I am currently still working on the complete wordpress version of the site, but feel that it will, in-fact, be the best version of the site to date.

Presently, in its wordpress form, the site is a handwritten theme, that I wrote specifically for this site. I am using a wordpress plugin to generate a post slider at the top of the homepage, and have written custom functions allowing me to easily change homepage features with only minor editing. The site utilizes featured-images, custom-post-metas, categories, and tags to create an easily searched and organized site. I am also planning on opening a forum through 'bbpress' for the site as well, but have yet to get around to it.

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